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: that question was posed to the secretary of transportation, ray lahood when he was asked if the administration is trying to scare people about the sequestration. he quickly dismissed all of that and in his warning about transportation specifically was clear. according to ray lahood, this is the countdown to massive automatic cuts go on, it can make it difficult, if not impossible for air travelers to take to the skies at the end of next week with one week until sequestration, the secretary of transportation ray lahood is issuing a grim warning on the effects of automatic budget cuts on the nation's airways. >> a lot of people use airports and this is goings to have a real impact. >> reporter: if congress can not agree to stop $85 billion in automatic cuts by next week, lahood warns cancelled and delayed flights, long lines and angry passengers will dominate the nation's airport and lahood said members of congress will take the blame. >> your phones are going to ring off of the hook when people are delayed at airports and their flights are delayed and that is 90 minutes or flights are cancelled
and gloom with the transportation secretary ray lahood warning the airport wait times are about to become more of a mess. >> flights to major cities. like new york, chicago, san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes. during peak hours. because we have fewer controllers on staff. >> republican rand paul introduced his own a terptive plan without layoff. charming white house is exaggerating the impact. >> i'm'd say balderdash. it's untrue, unfair, dishonest, disingenuous. the president is making stuff up. he puts law enforcement, firemen and policemen who 98% of them are paid for with the local taxes. says you will lose your local police men because of this. it's not true. >> republican duncan hunter teeing off on the white house for delaying deployment of the uss harry s. truman to the persian gulf and hunter claiming this is more about the drama than budget cuts. pentagon spokesman told fox news it was the right decision to make. that it was all about saving mup. had nothing to do with political drama. bret? >> bret: ed, yesterday, we had gene sperling on with t
secretary ray lahood warns today that could be the new normal unless the president and lawmakers reach a deal to avoid those harsh spending cuts set to take effect one week. secretary lahood added the cuts could force nearly 100 traffic control towers to close entirely. that would likely happen in smaller airports, some of them in tourist friendly areas, like hilton head in south carolina and boca raton. jane certified it's up to the president to force democrats in congress to act. ed henry is live at the white house. i mean, looking for optimism, they could just say never mind, and this would go away. what's wrong with them? >> well, shep, what's interesting is you're right, that the president today was trying to say look, all the posturing has happened on both sides. let's finally come up with a deal. he said hope springs eternal when you ask about optimism. the president saying if republicans will meet him halfway on some tax revenues, raising taxes a little bit in terms of deductions and eliminating them and some special tax breaks, we would have a deal. take a listen. >> i've also
. around 47- thousand federal aviation employees would face furloughs. today, transportation secretary ray lahood addressed the gravity of the situation. >> "we'll see what the reaction of the public is, what i'm trying to do is wake up members of the congress on the republican side to the idea that they need to come to the table so that we don't have to have this kind of calamity in air service in america." t >> officials continue to say that they are open to a short term deal that would head off the budget cuts. >> a man wrongfully convicted in a violent assault and shooting in oakland. and given a life sentence. but tonight. ronald ross is a free man for the first time in nearly seven years. ross took his first steps of freedom late this afternoon. after his conviction was dismissed. kron 4's dan kerman was there to capture his first reaction to being a free man. >> i just hope they do a better job on investigating, and look real carefully ....who may be wrongfully accused and help the children ... >> reporter: ross wants to reunite his family and take a vacation... >> about 50 people
, transportation secretary ray lahood? why? because his name's got a car part in it? that's a low standard. [ laughter ] what is next? secretary of the treasury penny mcnickel? now he wants the new defense secretary to be former republican senator chuck hagel. thankfully, today 15 republican senators demanded the withdrawal of hagel's nomination and it's no wonder. senate republicans have found all sorts of shady associations in hagel's past. for instance, he was once a senate republican. [laughter] and now, according to conservative news anger-gregator breitbart.com, hagel may have taken money from an organization called "friends of hamas." friends of hamas! that's serious! being friends with a muslim terrorist is a big commitment. you've got to be a groomsman in all four of their weddings. i mean, the suicide vest rentals alone! [laughter] folks, this bombshell lit up the conserv-osphere. >> let me bring up one piece of information that ben shapiro at breitbart put out today, which is one of the foreign funders behind senator hagel that he has not yet disclosed formally is something call
with the president. i had to chance to meet with ray lahood today. you'll hear what he had to say about california's controversial high speed rail project coming up at 6:30 or so. then i'll have more later on in the hour, back to you. >> grou you mentioned ray lahood to talk to cabinet members about issues that affect us here in the bay in÷ how did that go? >> it went well. i had the chance to meet with arnie duncanful we talked about issues affecting young people that we have a diverse population, many lang wajz spoken in our schools. we talked about gun controls and a chance to meet with administrator of the small business administration and talked about job creation and what can be done. she was in walnut creek so we had an opportunity to do that as well well. have great conversations today z i'll share them with you as the evening progress autos dan, we'll see/xh%v you later on in e newscast. you can see the interview conducted with the president today just go to our web site abc 7 news com. >> some well known high tech billionaires handed out $3 million to 11 winners of the new life sciences
. >> that is transportation secretary ray lahood taking questions from the white house press corps introduced by jay carney and the press asking a lot of serious questions about what the murfurloughs would mea for regular movement around the country talking specifically about airports. the secretary saying they have been in touch with airlines and the unions talking with everybody at the same time so that they have all the information that they need. however, he did concede that it's impossible to keep the same schedules with less people but have, however, is guaranteeing that all safety standards will remain the same. we're back with much more right here on msnbc after this. ein ba, with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it o
there to the left of your screen transportation outgoing secretary ray lahood is standing by. we'll keep our eye on that. i want your take though on watching that crossroads the new ad out today one thing we do note the rnc has been criticized for its ad where it put the president's words out of context about sequestration. but public polling shows that the president and the white house isn't going to get the blame. >> the polling out yesterday from pew showed half the country thinking this would be more the republicans' fault than the democrats. only about a third against obama. that is probably the core third that might be against obama on just about everything. to echo something susan said there is a "die hard" movie out but you don't have to see it to know how it ends because all the die hard movies are the same even though many people go through the process of watching them. >> bruce willis blows up a lot of stuff. >> there is stuff that blows up. deadlines. i think this does have a little bit of that character not to make light of the serious jobs at stake and the fact the country is still
, republican. they are hoping i can influence some of the people in my own party. >> ray louisiana hood ray lahood said it would mean a reported one day per pay period. >> in some cases, it could be as many as two days. >> with flight delays and cancellations assured. >> it's going to be very painful for the flying public. >> joined the drum beat, blaming the congress. >> the sequestration is a job killer. >> the dark need is going over our head as we speak. >> some of the jobs in the meat and poultry industry, estimating the $2 billion sequestration cut would mean furloughs for a third of its workers, including all food inspectors, the secretary is withinning congress of a nationwide shutdown, costing business $10 billion, employees $400 million in lost pay and consumers higher meat prices at the store. some republican lawmakers think that is chicken, something, house majority leader, quote, president obama said he will force criminals loose on the street, the meat won't be inspected and emergency responders will be unable to do their jobs. these are false choices. >> we have to pe
irresponsible by doing that. there is enough irresponsibility of to go all the way around. >> ray lahood, i am going transportation secretary, wrote a letter to senator mikulski warning that if it goes through, it will affect air travel, tsa agents. travel will be delayed. there may be a long line that the airport. >> most of the country would ignore the sequestration because it will impact federal employees, but some of the effects are exaggerated. they would ignore this but for their travel. a lot of people travel. they know when the long lines happen that it will bring their political bell. >> the obvious answer to any of this is to allow the shift of the funds from one department from one pocket to another. it's a trivial amount of money, but it is because you cannot shifted around that it will hurt the services. the very obvious answer is to say, within any department, the secretary can shift the money around so you have important stuff like air travel, meat inspection, and stuff like the gsa guys in hot tubs. it's not hard to find the money in any department. the idea that nobody would a
bully pulpit to grand effect. today we heard from the president and ray lahood, the cabinet's lone republican. >> what i'm trying to do is to wake up members of the congress on the republican side to the idea that they need to come to the table, offer a proposal so that we don't have to have this kind of calamity in air service in america. >> lahood said air traffic and safety would be drupted. defense secretary le onpennetta said the nation would billion less safe. republicans say it's overblown. how much does the public really care, john? >> well, it's a big deal. but it's not as dramatic as a government shutdown where everybody can see that the washington monument's closed. you left out one, the interior department said that visitors to national parks will find locked restrooms in many places. talk about the hammer coming down. look, it's one of those things that the effects will build over time. airline waits will get longer. and this is one of the things that people who want a long-term budget deal including the president including some republicans want top happen because the
house is playing it out to be. jon: interesting when you break it all down. jenna: ray lahood was talking about the nation's airports in relation to sequester. an airport in cleveland, breaking news, a plane off the runway there, harris? >> reporter: it's hopkins international. it's very slick there. we can take a live look now from our fox affiliate in the cleveland area. we do know that this plane may have hit the slippery conditions. there is a mix wintry precipitation that is falling right now. reports are that united airlines flight has landed already at the airport, or had when it went to make a turn, it's a 737, and those tiny wheels trying to carry this big plane gave way on these conditions is what we are being told, and it slid onto a grassy area. we don't know of any injuries, in fact we don't know really anything that is going on with the passengers and crew on that plane. some of them have been moved -- or the plan is to put them on buses. they are meeting that plane with a crew now to take them to the terminal and we'll find out if anybody got hurt. no early repo
a warning to the secretary of transportation. ray lahood is leaving his post soon, but not before he warns the country budget cuts will kick in friday, and might affect air travel. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: with one week until sequestration, secretary of transportation ray lahood, showing a grim warning on the effects of automatic budget cuts on the nation's airways. a lot of people use airports, and this is going to have a real impact. if congress cannot agree to stop $85 billion in automatic cuts by next week, lahood warns canceled and delayed flights, long lines and angry passengers will dominate the nation's airports, and he says members of congress will take the blame. >> your phones will start ringing off the hook when these people start being delayed at airports 90 minutes or their flights are canceled. >> reporter: dot itself faces a $1 billion cut with 600 million coming from the faa. 74,000 employees and air traffic controllers face furloughs. faa says if it has to cut staff, it will limit the number of planes that will fly. >> at the major international airports, ave
that furloughs would have on air travel, starting in april. transportation secretary ray lahood said travelers could face new delays of 90 minutes at major airports in chicago, new york and san francisco. more than 100 air control towers at smaller airports could be closed, lahood said. airlines likely would cancel flights. and congress, he said, would hear of the fallout. >> it's not only the impact on the passengers, it's the impact that it has on airports, control towers, people who work there, airports. and their phones are going to start ringing. why does this have to happen? nobody likes a delay. nobody likes waiting in line. none of us do. if we can't get our hamburger within five minutes, if we can't get on the plane within 30, 40, 50 minutes after going through, you know what happens. they start calling their member of congress. >> suarez: more now on these latest warnings, the republican response and the timing of these possible cuts. lisa rein is following this for the "washington post" and she joins me now. lisa, in recent days senior members of the obama administration have laid o
into that vote. one hour ago here, closer to home, head of the department of federal transportation, ray lahood took center stage at a white house news briefing saying airline traffic will be hit bit automatic government spending cuts if congress does not reach a deal by the deadline the end of next week. there is not a lot of negative movement in the sector in a market that is climbing. let's bring in john harwood in washington. john, this is part after constant drum beat from the white house and his team, obama's team that if we go through the sequester, it is bad, bad, bad. >> exactly right, simon. who what the white house is doing is a steady application of pressure on republicans in congress hoping this he will accept ultimately tax increases as part of a budget deal. ray whlahood, former republicanf congress, walked into the briefing room and said you may not see the effects immediately but they will be very real and build over time. here is ray lahood. >> it will ripple across the country. cuts mean preventative maintenance and quick repair of runway equipment may not be possible which c
will result in travel delays. ray lahood says it will require trimming $600 million this year and furloughing air traffic controllers. he says travelers could experience 90 minute delays or mores in the citis. >> several commute leaders trying to drum up support to try to rename sfo for former supervisor harvey milk. some believe it a tribute to his legacy. five supervisors support letting voters decide. six are needed to put it on the ballot. >> this is something that was lying dorm yabt, now, blooming. >> harvey milk san francisco international airport sends a message toer one who has ever been or currently diminished in every corner of the earth that hear is a city recognizes your value, you're worth. >> san francisco held a summit today on how to keep young paroles from a life of crime. members of different agencies heard from the district attorney, chief and head of probe yaichlgts their focus is young adults trying to resume a norm live. experts say they lack maturity needed to make bad choice autos by working with young people early on and giving an opportunity to stay out of crime. >>
tailspin. the transportation secretary ray lahood insist it is not a scare tactic. >> we are required to cut $1 billion. >> he says he will furlough air- traffic controllers and canceled shifts. he says that it will be saved, but by april it will be snarled. >> it involves our employees, but it will be very painful for the flying public. >> his goal is to ratchet the pan american lawmakers. >> out there hoping that maybe i can influence some of the people in my own party. >> he spelled out what he is demanding from republicans. >> we have more strategic cut some programs we do not need and we close tax loopholes that are taking advantage of the well off. >> they say the president already won his tax hikes on the rich. >> he just revenue and spending cuts written into law, not to be spending cuts with no revenue. that is the real balance. >> the administration kept up the pressure. >> we might have to close some sites. we may have to reduce hours. >> that may be acceptable, but maybe not. american airlines and airports in chaos. >> it would be one month before travel got terrible. the
secretary ray lahood visited the white house briefing room this morning and explained in no uncertain terms how these cuts will affect the average american. he detailed not only the delays that travelers within the united states can expect, but also how republicans can avoid these devastating cuts. >> this requires compromise. this requires republicans stepping forward with some ideas about how to keep essential services of government running at the level that people have been accustomed to. this is not rocket science. >> and this comes on the top of recent polling showing not only the president with far more support among voters than republicans, but also that republicans will take the lion's share of the blame should these cuts come to pass. we go to kristin welker live at the white house. that was a pretty big gun in the white house briefing room. is this the administration trying to counter some republicans who seem to be suggesting that the sequestration is no big deal, we should just somehow welcome it? >> well, martin, good afternoon. i think that that is one goal. i also think the a
. transportation secretary ray lahood says if next week's automatic spending cuts go through, he will be forced to cut air traffic controllers. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago and san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> reporter: republicans accuse the white house of using scare tactics to force them into a budget deal. president obama called mitch mcconnell and john boehner thursday. he told al sharpton's radio listeners the gop appears willing to let the cuts go through. >> their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts. >> reporter: democrats say if the cuts go through, dozens of federal agencies will have to trim workers affecting everyone from food inspectors to fbi agents. but republicans believe the cuts are being blown out of proportion. house majority leader eric cantor said in a statement, president obama has said that unless he gets a second tax hike, he will be forced to
the sequester, set to take effect a week from today. the transportation secretary, ray lahood, said today the cuts will lead to delays at our airports, including big ones in new york, chicago, san francisco, that could ripple across the country. he warns some control towers could be shut down at some less busy airports. >>> now to the news a lot of people woke up to this morning about a so-called smart bomb new breast cancer drug, a first-of-its-kind medication approved today by the fda. it is getting a lot of attention tonight. but this new drug isn't an answer for everyone. we've asked our chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman, to join us tonight. we wish there weren't so many caveats, but there are. >> there are caveats. it's a designer drug, of sorts, brian. but the fda today said yes, there is a new cancer drug to treat the most aggressive form of breast cancer. a reminder that breast cancer affects more women in this country than any other kind of cancer, other than skin cancer. more than 232,000 new cases diagnosed this year. and a reminder, men get it too. more than 2,000 men
reform. >>> with that deadline looming, government officials are now sounding an alarm. ray lahood warn had the the cuts could have a large reaching impact on commercial flights. secretary lahood says the automatic cuts could cause the federal aviation administration $600 million. this is word that smaller municipal airports are also on the hit list. >> reporter: there may be turbulence ahead for the people who rely on buchanan field for their livelihood. >> it's going to have a big impact if they do shut down the towers. >> reporter: buchanan field and the airports in liver mother, napa -- livermore are on a target list. >> we are beginning today discussions with our union to close more than 100 traffic control towers with fewer than 150,000 flight operations per year. >> reporter: specific states aviation provides fuel parking and other services to planes here. without a control tower, air traffic would plummet. corporate jets make up about 80% of his business. >> it's really dangerous to operate without the tower. and a lot of our business jet carriers will not surf the airport if i
from ray lahood and we'll look behind the politics for some bottom line answers just ahead. >> heather: and they are urging federal officials to take action republican and democratic state leaders weighing in the national meeting of the national governor's association, warning congress that the latest stalemate threatens economic progress in their stated. republican governor from oklahoma, he says the gridlock is taking a toll on families and democratic governor from vermont he says the nation, quote, cannot afford to put at risk jobs in the recovery. >> one of the most contentious battles n years could be over on sunday. the senate is expected to vote on the chuck hagel nomination. it's been a rough ride for the former republican senator. his fellow republicans oppose him on his positions on israel, iran and iraq and viewing him as disloyal in the nebraska senate race. >> heather: ominous developments out of iran. tehran has announced locations for 16 more nuclear power plants days before talks with world powers over it's atomic program. the revolutionary guard most powerful force the
and the transportation secretary, ray lahood have some strong words for top republicans tonight. and then d.c. council member jim graham starts his day in court. why he's arguing against the city's ethics board. those stories and more ahead at 6. hang tight. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ woman ] looks like another glorious week in florida. ♪ that...was...awesome. ♪ [ female announcer ] how do you make your family vacation this epic? go to visitflorida.com. >>> funeral arrangements were made for mindy mccreed. the services will be held tuesday in her hometown of fort myers, florida. a private service that the family has not finalized her burial plans. her friends in the music community are organizing a public memorial service that is set for march 6th in nashville. mccready committed suicide at her home in arkansas. >>> new developments in yesterday's dramatic car shooting on the vegas strip. a relative of one of the victims identified the driver of the maserati sports car killed in the gun battle and car crash. the rapper's parents are traveling to las vegas to claim the son's body. before his parents left, kenny
. >> reporter: transportation secretary ray lahood said the flying public will start to feel the spending cuts set to kick in next friday. he expects up to 90-minute delays at large airports during peak travel times, while some smaller, regional airports may have to shut downault. he warned lawmakers they're going to hear about it. >> their phones are going to start ringing. why does this have to happen? >> reporter: long delays could be just the start for headaches for travelers. they say if air traffic controllers are forced to stay home, airlines could be forced to cancel flights. >> reporter: meeting with the japanese prime minister friday, president obama said avoiding these cuts should be a no- brainer. >> hope springs eternal. and i will keep making my case not only to congress but more importantly to the american people. >> reporter: republicans accuse the white house of using scare tactics. house majority leader eric canter said in a statement, president obama has said unlessly gets a second tax hike, he will be forced to let criminals loose on
secretary ray lahood who issued a warning on friday and he says the sequestration could disrupt air travel. >> yep. >> kelly: on flight delays at major airports and adds that cuts could force nearly 100 air traffic control towers to close unless something is done to avoid the draconian and drastic measures. but some would be as bad as all that? what are you hearing among the people you're talking to? >> what i mary, kehear, kelly, don't want to find out. and across the board cuts whether or not people will be waiting with 90 minute delays in major airport hubs, whether there will be fewer safety inspections at food processing plants. >> mark. >> and people don't want to necessarily find out the stakes of this. these cuts were designed to be so destructive. so detrimental to the economy, and i mean, by some estimates putting 2 million people out of work, that they would never be a palatable option for either republican. and i see a lot of republicans and-- >> the american people. >> and i'll let you go. >> a monologue. >> kelly: a chance to jump in there, angela. >> okay. >> mark, the botto
ray lahood said the flying public will start to feel the spending cuts up to next friday. he expects long delays at airports during peak travel times, while some smaller regional airports may have to shut downault. he -- down altogether. he warned lawmakers that they'll hear about it. >> their phones will start ringing. why does that have to happen? >> reporter: long lines and flight delays could just be the start of headaches for travelers. if air traffic controllers have to stay home, airlines could be forced to cancel flights. meeting with the japanese prime minister friday, president obama said avoiding these cuts should be a no-brainer. >> hope springs eternal. and i will hope to keep making my case to congress, and the american people. >> reporter: the public accused the white house of using scare tactics. eric canter said in a statement, president obama has said that unless he gets a second tax hike, he will be forced to let criminals loose on the street. the meat at your grocery store won't be inspected and emergency responders wil
we'll start hearing squeals when as ray lahood predicts. we see those first lines at the airport, and it may even hurt, you know, those wealthy republicans who don't have private jets when air traffic control and the transportation security lines grow longer. you know, there are real people, and there are real cuts. you know, we have to go through march 1st, it looks like. by the way, we're not in the leap year. february only has 28 days, so it's even shorter than you might think to get to this moment, and it doesn't seem like either side can give in. >> i know. march 1st is next friday. a week from today. a lot will happen between now and then. let's talk about ted cruise because both of you have been writing about ted cruise. margaret, you also are writing about marco rubio and his foreign trip. ted cruise and his speech in ohio, chris, what are you reading into the early stages of this freshman? >> we suspected this strongly when ted cruise won a republican senate primary in texas in 2012, and he is a man in a hurry and someone who is not going to go along to get along. if we
transportation secretary ray lahood. he spoke about the sequester consequences today, including the loss of 100 air traffic controllers. >> this requires compromise. this requires republicans stepping forward with some ideas about how to keep essential services of government running at the level that people have been accustomed to. this is not rocket science. >> well, it's not rocket science. but, folks, it is just as serious. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, will republican lies prevent a deal on the guester? text "a" for yes. text b for no to 67622. you can go to our blog at ed.msnbc.com. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me tonight david cay johnston, professor at syracuse university and pulitzer winning journalist. great to have you on with us tonight. why did these groups like the fix the debt outfit want americans to think the deficit is just out of control? >> oh, it's central to their whole marketing campaign. they represent very wealthy people like pete peterson who want all the benefits of living in america. and by th
to handle emergencies. and yesterday transportation secretary ray lahood warned that air traffic control towers would be shut down, causing delays for travelers across the country. speaking yesterday on fox news, republican senator rand paul accused president obama of using, quote, mystery ontics to make his case. >> the sequester is a slow down in the rate of growth of government. it's the least we can do. our country is drowning in a sea of debt borrowing $50,000 a second. we have to slow down spending and for the president to use this mystery ontics is really beneath the office of the presidency. >> arthel: let's bring in a form campaign aide and white house aide to president george w. bush and bernard whitman, former pollman to president clinton and author of "52 reasons to vote for obama." good to see both of you. dede, i want to ask you if you feel that the president is highlighting the human factor of these forced spending cuts by having the first responders behind him at that press conference or do you find rand paul's comments with total -- valid? >> i kind of think it's more li
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